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Columbia Union's Jose Esposito at January 2023 evangelism meeting in Cincinnati

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

Churches and members around the union continue to place special emphasis on evangelism in their churches across the Columbia Union Conference. (We'll share several stories highlighting this throughout March and April)

José D. Espósito, assistant to the president for evangelism at the Columba Union who participated in more than eight of the meetings since last fall, notes the common denominator that drew visitors.

Robert Chandler recently joined the Columbia Union Conference team as the associate treasurer for Accounting Information Systems.

He previously served as the treasurer at the Northeastern Conference.

“Robert has a rare combination of knowledge and experience in nonprofit accounting and accounting information systems application,” says Emmanuel Asideu, treasurer.



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Harold Lee

Harold L. Lee, president of the Columbia Union Conference from 1998-2006, passed away Wednesday, November 9. Watch a recording of the December 2 service at the Oakwood Seventh-day Adventist church in Huntsville, Ala.

The service was streamed via the Oakwood Church website.

Condolences may be sent to:

The Lee Family
2610 Summerwind Drive - SE
Decatur, AL 35603

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From the Archives

Image by Anil sharma from Pixabay

Story by V. Michelle Bernard

The Columbia Union Conference’s 97 early childhood education centers, elementary, junior academies, academies and colleges have a combined enrollment of 8,069 this school year, up from 8,027 last school year.

At recent Columbia Union meetings, Donovan Ross, vice president for Education, said the boarding academies are enjoying the highest enrollment rates since 2016 with 558 students at the union’s four boarding schools. Ross also reported that six schools across the territory are in various stages of building projects.