Camp Meeting

Camp meeting is an annual spiritual retreat for Seventh-day Adventist members and guests. It takes place during the summer and is hosted by each local conference within the Columbia Union. Seminars, inspirational speakers, music, the ABC book sale, and activities geared for children and teens are some of the highlights of camp meeting. Though the main camp meeting programs are conducted in English, many conferences also host camp meetings in Spanish and French.

Allegheny East Conference—In-Person: June 27–July 7 (English)

Location: Allegheny East Conference/Pine Forge Academy
237 Pine Forge Road, PO Box 266, Pine Forge, PA 19548
Telephone: (610) 326-4610
Contact Persons: LaTasha Hewitt


Allegheny West Conference—In-Person: June 12-15 (English)

Location: Programming will be livestreamed to the conference website and social media outlets.
Telephone: (740) 536-9127

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: May 24–25
  • Haitian Camp Meeting: May 26–29


Chesapeake Conference—Virtual: June 11–15 (English)

Location: Programming will be livestreamed through Facebook (@ChesapeakeSDA) and YouTube (@chesapeakeconferenceofseventhdayadventists).
Telephone: (443) 472-8381

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: June 6-9


​​Mountain View Conference—June 14-22

Location: Valley Vista Adventist Center, 532 Valley Vista Lane, Huttonsville, WV 26273
Telephone: (304) 335-2000
Contact Person: Liz Bailey

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: June 26-28


New Jersey Conference—June 22-22 (English)

Location: Tranquility Camp
1 Campus Drive, Andover, NJ 07821
Telephone: (609) 802-0850
Contact Person: Sarah Frodelly

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: June 27-29
  • Haitian Camp Meeting: June 20-22


Ohio Conference—June 6-8 (English)

Location: Camp Mohaven, 18744 Turkey Ridge Road, Danville, OH 43014
Telephone: (740) 599-6111
Contact Person: Lizandra Esquivel

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: May 31-June 2


Pennsylvania Conference—June 7-15 (English)

Location: Blue Mountain Academy, 2363 Mountain Rd., Hamburg, PA 19526
Telephone: (610) 562-9482
Contact Person(s): Locating office staff

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: June 21–23
  • Camp Meeting at Laurel Lake Camp: 


Potomac Conference–June 20-22 (English Camp Meeting in the Valley)

Location: Sligo Adventist Church, 7700 Carroll Ave., Takoma Park, MD 20912
Telephone: (540) 886-0771
Contact Person: Denise Hevener

  • Hispanic Camp Meeting: June 6-7
  • English Camp Meeting North: Sept 21